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Playing with my toy

This is so fun, I will never get tired from playing it.

Neh.. i doubt you people would understand the meaning of fun…..

Me n my health booklet under my paws!


My health booklet and my medication now under my paws! I am under control………

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Playing daddy’s bag


Mummy said I was scratching daddy’s bag.. I am naughty Ashley.. Am I? Daddy??

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My cuttie photos!!


Mummy took lots of my cute and pretty pics that I love it so much too.. Am I cute???

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Sleeping n resting at mummy’s arms




I was resting in my mummy’s arms and she stroked and pet me to sleep… it was so comfortable that I doze off and falls asleep! Hmmm.. Mummy…

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Spider kitten

04/11/2010 1 comment

Outside world.. here I come….. weeee………. Hmm… today I learn how to climb like a spider.. Mummy called me spider kitten.. Weeee… I was going up half way and dropped.. Luckily my bro caught me…

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